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Rhfay KN95 protective mask with internal nose strip

Rhfay KN95 protective mask with internal nose strip

【Intended use】

Item no.:Rhfay 002

Product size: 15.5 x 10.2 cm

Product standard: GB2626-2006

Material: (from outside to inside)

non-woven fabric --- Es hot air cotton --- Melt-blown fabric ---

Melt-blown fabric --- skin-friendly non-woven fabric

Usage Method:

1.Stretch the unfolded mask, put the bridge of nose upwards and outwards.

2.Place the mask under your chin and cover your nose and mouth completely.

3.Press the bridge of nose to make the mask fit for your face.

4.Cover your face mask with your hands then exhale, If you feel air escaping from the edge of mask, then readjust the bridge of nose and ear bands to ensure the air tightness.


1. The product should be used in a place with adequate ventilation and oxygen,not suitable for anoxic environment,underwater operation,escape and fire protection.

2. Occasional discomfort or difficulty breathing while wearing,if the mask itself is polluted or damaged by blood or other foreign matters,it should be immediately stopped or replaced.

3. This product should not be used when beard, hair or other conditions affect the tightness between the face and mask.

Application:Daily self-respiratory protection in public area, such as subway, office building,supermarket and other crowded areas.

Validity:2 years