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Rhfay Science & Technology Park officially opened


The foundation of Rhfay Science & Technology Park (Project Name: Rhfay biological industrialization base) invested and constructed by Guangzhou Rhfay Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was laid on July 28, 2019. After more than one year of Engineering suggestions and decoration, it is now officially put into use on October 27, 2021.

As the park of its own enterprise, Rhfay science and Technology Park marks that Rhfay biology has officially stepped onto a new level and embarked on a new journey.

The total building area (including basement) of Rhfay science and technology park is 34095.5 square meters, with two 6-storey and 9-storey production and R&D office buildings. The base mainly produces POCT series detection reagent products of fluorescence immunochromatography, POCT series detection preparations of chemiluminescence technology platform, magnetic particle chemiluminescence analyzer (POCT Series) and detection kit as a new technology platform product of international cooperation. At the same time, new supporting research and development pilot test, inspection, storage and other auxiliary facilities will be built. Form a pilot research, development and production base for high-tech biological agents that combines production, learning and research, and has complete functions, with an output capacity of 2 billion yuan.