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Inserting "I" wings into POCT will be the mainstream of future development!


POCT is not only a test strip plus supporting instruments, but also an in vivo and in vitro detection reagent, instrument and equipment based on physical quantity, chemical quantity and biomass technology used around or in the place where the patient is located. It is the product of the integration of biological, nano, computer and other technologies. As a technology driven product, POCT products are developing towards the third generation of automation, information and intelligent technology platform.

I series electronic products such as iPhone, Iwatch and iPad have been well known. Imagine what it would be like if real-time detection (POCT) also inserted "I" wings?
Perhaps in the near future, the blood test report can be completed not only at once, but also in any place such as home, plane and high-speed railway, and the machine will spit out a report immediately. Patients can also do other tests through POCT equipment, and synchronously upload relevant data to the cloud platform. Offline doctors can interpret the test data through the platform to quickly help patients diagnose.

With the superposition of methodology, the integration of detection function and the gradual improvement of organ system, POCT has opened a new era of intelligent detection of ipoct from yesterday's gold standard qualitative to today's time-resolved immunofluorescence chromatography technology ipoct (smart POCT).
From lab to bedside

In vitro diagnosis has now become a sunrise industry in the medical industry. Who is the fastest growing sector in many segments of in vitro diagnosis? Qilu Securities recently released a research report giving the answer: POCT.

POCT is a rapid diagnosis realized around the patient. The research report shows that China's potential POCT products have a broad market, with an annual growth rate of 20% ~ 30%, far exceeding the annual growth level of 7% ~ 8% in the world, and also exceeding the growth rate of 16% ~ 20% in China's in vitro diagnosis industry.

POCT's rapid growth is not unreasonable. "POCT can quickly obtain results, greatly shorten the sample turnover time, and the instrument is small and convenient. It can complete the detection at low cost with only a small amount of samples." The characteristics of POCT determine that its application places are extremely wide, and it will occupy half of the in vitro diagnosis market in the future.

In fact, in traditional diagnosis, a lot of time is wasted in sample transportation, pretreatment, organization, marking, entry and distribution, and the proportion of core reaction and analysis time is very low. In contrast, POCT simplifies the steps and retains only the core "sampling analysis quality control output" step of diagnosis, which greatly shortens the diagnosis time and facilitates patients to see a doctor in a short time.

As a technology driven product, at present, POCT products have developed from the first generation of qualitative test strip detection, the second generation of semi quantitative color board card colorimetry or instrument reading, the third generation of full quantitative manual instrument operation, and the fourth generation of automatic instrument to the fifth generation of automation, informatization and intelligent technology platform.

Ipoct came into being

In recent years, information, intelligence, big data, "Internet" and other elements have been continuously integrated into all walks of life, POCT is no exception, and the concept of ipoct came into being.

I refers to intelligent. Ipoct is smart POCT. The development and application of POCT instruments integrated with precision, automation and cloud is called "ipoct". POCT will develop in a two track system in the future. On the one hand, small products will become more and more mini, entering the terminal, family and everyone's life bit by bit; On the other hand, according to different projects, POCT's platform will move towards precision, automation and cloud.

Based on the rapid development of biochip technology such as gene chip, protein chip and chip laboratory, POCT has been able to gradually realize high-throughput and multi-target detection. On the basis of the gradual maturity of communication technology, POCT is developing towards remote data center.

Compared with large-scale automatic detection instruments, POCT products are more conducive to combine with mobile information technology to realize mobile equipment detection. In the future, POCT products can integrate remote data terminals and medical resources for optimal treatment while convenient and rapid detection and analysis, so as to build a real big health system. The human body information collection system has fundamentally contributed to the new pattern of modern diagnostics with the Internet, big data and big diagnosis as the core. The human centered POCT detection technology will play an important role in medical diagnosis in the future.

With the gradual improvement of more appropriate quantification, interoperability system, guaranteed quality system and standardized and programmed management, POCT will provide an important diagnostic basis for the development of precision medicine. "With the influx of precision, automation and cloud elements, the detection accuracy, convenient function and digitization of POCT instruments have been qualitatively improved. In the future, ipoct will form a technical connection and support with precision medicine in terms of personalized treatment, and promote the implementation of the concept of precision medicine.

Technological trends in the "I" era

With the help of massive body data collection, screening and background classification analysis, the application of health data is not far from us. In the future, how can ipoct not only achieve short-term feedback, but also be consistent with the measurement results of complex technology and large-scale inspection equipment?
The detection standard of ipoct should be further closer to large-scale analytical instruments. In particular, the coefficient of variation (CV) of detection results should be controlled at 5% ~ 10%. In addition, quality control products and standard products should also be traceable.

In terms of automation, ipoct needs no manual pretreatment of samples, no manual action for sample and liquid addition, and the automatic system with continuous operation of samples will have a throughput of more than 100 people per hour.
In addition, based on the quality management service system of cloud big data, ipoct will truly realize remote monitoring and quality control, connect the background big data with the mobile app on the PC side, and establish the information transmission foundation of mobile medicine in the future.

What technologies support the new era of ipoct?

Time-resolved fluorescence immunochromatography will be the mainstream trend of POCT. Secondly, we should pay attention to the development of new technologies with high sensitivity and rapid response, such as microfluidic, chemiluminescence, magnetic immunity and quantum dots; In addition, the combination of molecules and POCT will also become a major trend, and molecular POCT and microarray protein chip technology will be better developed.

Precise structure, precise response and precise measurement together constitute the precise ipoct system. In the near future, the precise response will tend to the precise detection and response control technology based on micro nano fluidic technology; The key task of accurate measurement is the measurement technology based on micro nano optical molecular imaging. In the future, it will continue to deepen and combine with big data to produce better synergy and amplification effects. Cloud management of o2o Internet will also be the mainstream of ipoct, and cloud quality control management will become an important big data breakthrough.

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