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The health and Family Planning Commission has made great policies, which is good for grass-roots hospitals!


Network rural hospitals will collapse and grass-roots telemedicine will usher in spring!

"Network rural hospital" or about to collapse!

By the beginning of 2016, nearly 400 large and medium-sized hospitals across the country had joined Alibaba health's online hospital, and Ma Yun focused on the development of the rural medical market and launched the "Alibaba health online hospital village Amoy pilot".

That is, Ma Yun signed a cooperation agreement with a large hospital to launch an online hospital. People can have video medical treatment through the local rural Taobao service station, including 13 departments such as Gastroenterology, endocrinology, traditional Chinese medicine and dermatology. After diagnosis, he issued an electronic prescription and delivered the medicine to the door!

However, Ma Yun's ideal is very plump and his reality is very skinny. The key task of medical reform is to change the siphon phenomenon of large hospitals, support grass-roots hospitals, and realize the first diagnosis, two-way referral and urgent and slow treatment at the grass-roots level. If people directly look for doctors from large hospitals through online hospitals in the future, it will still be a disguised siphon phenomenon of large hospital resources and robbing the rice bowl of grass-roots medical treatment. Therefore, the country will be strict about online diagnosis and treatment!

Network diagnosis and treatment, high force grid access policy is coming!

In early May, the national health and Family Planning Commission issued the administrative measures for Internet diagnosis and treatment (Trial) (Draft for comments). The final draft will be issued soon. This document will subvert the "Internet diagnosis and treatment" in everyone's consciousness and make Internet diagnosis and treatment more standardized. This document has curbed the extension of online consultation in large hospitals. At the same time, they gave the green light to the inquiry of grass-roots medical network:

Definition of online diagnosis and treatment: the definition of online diagnosis and treatment is clearly defined in the administrative measures for Internet diagnosis and treatment (Trial) (Draft for comments): the Internet diagnosis and treatment activities mentioned in these Measures refer to the use of Internet technology to provide patients and the public with disease diagnosis, treatment plan, treatment and other services.

Large hospitals are not allowed to provide remote diagnosis and treatment to patients outside the hospital through the network

The administrative measures for Internet diagnosis and treatment (Trial) (Draft for comments) mentioned that the permitted Internet diagnosis and treatment activities are only limited to the remote diagnosis and treatment services of medical institutions and the signing services of chronic diseases provided by grass-roots medical and health institutions.

This means that hospitals shall not provide telemedicine services to patients outside medical institutions except for telemedicine services. This is also made clear again in the opinions of the health and Family Planning Commission on the development of internet medical services (Exposure Draft).

Therefore, in the field of online diagnosis and treatment, the national positioning of large hospitals is "teaching". It is to encourage tertiary hospitals to provide more services such as remote consultation and remote case diagnosis to subordinate hospitals, and stipulate that tertiary hospitals undertaking health poverty alleviation work should first fully cover telemedicine services with their counterparts in poor counties and county-level hospitals by the end of June 2017.

Therefore, in this regard, it can be seen that it will not work to let doctors in large hospitals directly conduct remote diagnosis and treatment for rural patients. Not only will it not work, but also the previous practice should be corrected.

All Internet hospitals, cloud hospitals and online hospitals will be abolished soon
The above documents also stipulate that medical institutions carrying out Internet diagnosis and treatment activities shall use the name of the medical institution practice license. Internet hospitals, cloud hospitals, Internet hospitals and other names shall not be used.

In addition, the Internet hospitals, cloud hospitals and online hospitals that have been set up for examination and approval before the promulgation of these measures, and the local health and family planning departments at or above the county level that have been set up for examination and approval shall revoke them within 15 days after the promulgation of this law, and re manage their Internet diagnosis and treatment activities in accordance with the provisions of these measures.

Network diagnosis and treatment gives green light to grass-roots doctors

Although the state has strict access to online diagnosis and treatment, it has given a green light to grass-roots medical treatment. In addition to allowing remote diagnosis and treatment between hospitals, grass-roots medical institutions are also specially allowed to serve contracted patients with chronic diseases through remote diagnosis and treatment.

There is a shortage of grass-roots doctors, and a doctor has to sign up for many patients, which really strengthens the labor of signed doctors. However, if patients with chronic diseases get medication guidance and rehabilitation nursing advice through telemedicine, it will greatly reduce the workload of doctors and facilitate patients.

In short, grass-roots medical institutions can carry out remote diagnosis and treatment for patients with chronic diseases, which is also to give grass-roots doctors more opportunities to communicate with patients and increase their viscosity with patients, so as to ensure the goal of seeing a doctor in the area of patients with minor diseases.

Of course, although the grass-roots level can carry out online diagnosis and treatment services, it must also follow the medical regulations such as the measures for the administration of medical institutions and the basic norms of electronic cases (Trial), otherwise there will be some medical disputes.

But there is one thing we firmly believe that the access to online diagnosis and treatment has been improved. We are no longer worried that our grass-roots territory will be robbed when the "online rural hospital" comes! (source: Cypress blue)